A/C Belt replacement

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Oct 6, 2005
A couple of days ago, I posted looking for information on how to change the a/c belt on my fj62. The problem I am having is getting to the tensioner bolt. To me it looks like it is blocked by the power steering pump and/or bracket. I cannot see how to get to it by any side. A response to my post said to go up from the bottom and tighten. However, my tensioner does not have a bottom bolt. All that is there is the end of the bolt with no nut. Does anyone know how to get to the tensioner. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
loosen the center bolt on the idler pully.. the "tension" bolt is sorta like a piece of all thread.. moves back and forth and moves the idler pulley in a slot.. using an air ratchet is the easiest.. Then tighten the center bolt on the idler pulley to lock it back in place. i can prob take a picture of a 3fe tensioner tonight if that'll help.. no fenders in the way on my junk.
I don't have an FJ62, so I won't be too much help. I got the picture below from this thread. It looks like the AC idler pulley is on a slot. I think you would loosen the bolt at the center of the pulley and then adjust tension with the bolt shown sticking out the bottom of the slotted bracket. In the picture below it seems like there is a lot of room with the fan and probably the fan shroud removed. It does look like the radiator is still installed. From this I guess my suggestion would be to remove the fan and shroud. While the shroud is out, do the "fan shroud mod", which is to cut it in half from side to side, to make it's removal that much easier next time.


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