97 LX450 FS or FT

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United States
97 LX450 FS or FT in Texas

I no longer will have a need for my LX450 as a family vehicle come the end of April. My dreams of retiring it from family duty and building it up are quickly getting squashed by the need for a pick up to haul my gear back and forth from the deer lease. So I think that within the next 2 weeks, she will be up for sale. New pics will come at that time. But I wanted to let you all know and get a heads up on the general public.

<edit> Forgot to mention....no lockers

133k, 285 Nittos A/T, PIAA fog lights. Other than that.....stock.

Kelly Blue Book has it retailed at $13,220.
Open to trades on a Pickup in Texas.

This pic is of a similar truck. Add PIAA's in the gaps on the front bumper and put 285 A/T's on it, and it looks just like mine.
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Sorry, I was out of town.

I will take some pics when my wife releases it for sale. Right now she made me promise to hold off on anything that has to do with selling it until I retrieve her father's truck from Florida. Probably in May I will get back with you.

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