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I'm not affiliated in any way with this sale; I just happened across this truck in someone's driveway.

I know 80s are a little harder to find in Canada, so here's the info, just in case anyone's interested:

Stock 1997 FZJ80 white on grey leather.

Two owners.


NO lockers.

All the usual stuff, incl sunroof, roof-rack.

Has a new radiator, but the owner wasn't sure of any other major repairs.

Nevada truck, imported into BC (Port Couitlam), Canadian owner bought it and immediately took the truck to Texas for two years. This winter is the first winter the truck has been exposed to snow, and as you may know, we don't salt the roads here.

I had a good look at this truck, inside and out, and underneath. It's squeaky-clean. Not a mark on it.

Like I said, I have nothing to do with this sale, but if I can help you get into an 80 (by getting it to a mechanic for you, taking photos, helping to ship it, or whatever), I'm happy to do so.

They're looking for CAD$17,000, which I think is pretty nuts, but it is a VERY clean Land Cruiser.

Lady's name is Hilary: 250 381-4818
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