For Sale '93 FZJ80 w/diff locks...S.W. ARK. $4000.00

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United States
Not mine, just passing this on. I don't have any pictures, but it's maroon with grey leather. Seats are cracking, but I didn't notice any major tears. Looks like left rear quarter has been worked on at some point and it's missing that fender flare. It has 236k on the clock. Other than that it's looks to be in pretty good condition.

I kind of know the owner and he's not a cruiser head. He has only owned this for a few months. I know he bought it through some kind of "Copart" type of deal. It does have current Arkansas tags, but I'm not sure what type of title. I've never noticed it smoking, but cannot verify the maintenance, he probably can't either. It's listed as 4000.00 but he told me he'd take 3500.00. It does have FR & RR factory diff locks.

If anybody is interested, PM me and I'll get you a phone #.

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