92 FJ80 Shift issues

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Sep 26, 2015

Hoping someone has some input that can help me get my cruiser running properly again.. It was working fine prior to winter after sitting for several months I noticed I was having some issues when I took it for a spin.

The issue when putting into drive the transmission hangs in 1st you can manually shift to 2nd but will not shift to 2nd in drive.. the truck wont shift to 3rd or 4th at all. I have done a drain and fill twice, replaced the transmission filter, check the throttle and shift cable tension and still cant figure it out... No other issues such as rough idle or anything.. Trying to find a solution so I wont have to spend a fortune for some garage to try and figure it out..

Any feedback is appreciated
More info: 92 land cruiser 4.0. 329,xxx miles. No slipping or hard shifting. Acts like it is in manual shift mode and gears 3 and 4 dont exist. Please help!
Hi, Try servicing the transfer case.But my bet is your transmission needs a rebuild. Mike
Our trans are hydraulic controlled and very sensitive to fluid levels. Make sure you are properly filled before going down the rabbit hole of rebuilds and tearing things apart.

My 92 had a similar issue. Will hold 1st a long time into the red before jerking to 2nd gear but will manually shift just fine. Then once it has shifted at least once it will shift totally fine the rest of the drive. Fixed it with dialing in the fluid levels.

I've also heard the governor can get gunked up and cause similar issues and doing the rodney party trick can fix it.

I highly doubt your trans needs rebuilt
Make sure you're checking fluid level correctly. Up to full operating temperature, running, in park, on level ground.
Thank you for the replies, I will try to dial in the fluid level later today. I also changed the fluid on the transfer case over the weekend.. The shifting issue happens both in 4H and 4L.

wpns - what/where is the governor you mentioned?
Its not accessible without tearing the tranny apart. The idea behind the party trick is to get up to like 50-60mph and then trow it in park for like 5 seconds and then back to drive. Supposedly it will cause the system to back flush and clear out anything that could be gumming up the governor. If you search rodney party trick on the forums you will find threads about it. Most the threads are either its awesome and works or people afraid they will blow up their transmissions if they do it.

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