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Sep 28, 2014
United States
Reluctantly I have decided to sell my trusty 91 FJ80. My growing family and shrinking spare time has led me to buy a new Tacoma and part with my two land cruisers :crybaby:

This has been my trusted daily driver for 4 years and during that time I have taken very good care of her and she's taken good care of me. She runs great, and has been a very dependable, and has been a wonderful truck to own. I have replaced or rebuilt many of the normal wear and tear items. It's a 91 so no lockers but you knew that already. I wouldn't think twice about driving it cross country (with plenty of money for gas of course).

Mileage - 127,435 miles


-33" mud tires on 16" tacoma steel wheels with lots of tread
-TJM all aluminum front winch bumper
-birfs rebuilt in the last 5k miles.
-All diff, transmission fluid, oil, etc has been changed regularly or at recommended intervals
-Front brakes replaced with larger 93+ calipers and 100 series pads
-All brake lines and fittings replaced
-all new belts, O2 sensors, pcv, spark plugs, wires, ALL small vacum lines replaced
-New alternator, water pump, and battery
-Bilstein shocks, still feel great
-Rubber floor mats
-Interior is B+ condition, drivers seat is ripped, but the rest is in decent shape (a little dirty), Rear jump seats are included.
-Extra U joints, and other spare parts included.
-Much more I am forgetting I'm sure.

-Needs rear brake shoes and emergency brake adjustment
-AC line has a leak (I have the replacement part which will come with the truck for free)
-Clearcoat is failing on the top and hood in a few spots
-Aftermarket horn needs to be connected
-One of the exhaust hangers broke and it rattles sometimes
-Could use some new wiper blades
-Has some rust underneath, not too bad, but some of the bolts and brackets are a little crusty. NO rust on the body
-rear window switch needs to be replaced (I have the switch, never got around to doing it)

Price: $4500

Open to offers. Bumper can be replaced with stock if desired. Here are the pics:

Thank you for looking! Please bump thread with questions!

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