88 FJ62 parts

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Sep 2, 2004
United States
Located in Northumberland, PA 17857
I'll ship at your expense.

I am only selling what I am listing, so read on:

rear dome light assembly 20$

all four doors, white, OK shape, with switches, no mirrors, regulators/motors bad in PS doors, all glass and grey panels included: $175 (pick up only)

rear hatch, white, OK shape: $100

Rear tailgate same as above: $100

DS rear lense assembly: 20$
PS rear lense assembly, missing part/crack: $10

Tranny, converter,t-case, soleniods, shifters, boots(245K miles, worked fine) $250

OE roof rack with "woody" trim $20

rear PS and DS cargo glass: 40$

rear outer vents DS and PS: 20$

60 series side view mirrors (READ NOT 62): $20

Chrome Liscene plate light assembly (recently new from Toyota) perfect: $100

rear grey panels, OK shape: 15$ per side
PM's sent.... looks like the trans and t-case are sold.

Viking Cruiser, thanks for the interest but I am only selling what I listed.

I need this stuff gone! Don't be shy, make an offer.. I am moving in a few weeks.
Are 62 door shells the same structurally as 60 door shells? Would manual window hardware bolt right in?

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