88 Camry Alltrac Reviews

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Jun 7, 2003
Manitoba, Canada
A buddy of my dad's has a rust free beauty here that he wants to get rid of.

Loaded with options, completely rust free....150k miles on it though.

Driver side power seatbelt needs work. Apparently runs great...I'm driving it this weekend. The guy told my dad 2 grand Canadian....so thats 1600 us.

I know Toyota trucks but the cars are a bit of a mystery to me. This guy is pretty meticulous with his repairs. I sat in it last weekend and this is the cleanest old car I have ever seen.

Possible to bolt in a regular seatbelt? How well built is the driveline? What about the V6?

There's no way I'd pay that much for the car. I don't really need but if a car like this is hard to find/ a real gem then I'll go after it.

Thanks for the info
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