85 4Runner Headlight problem

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May 20, 2007
Man when it rains it pours with my son driving the 85 4Runner. The low beams do not work but the high beams work on flash and fixed mode. I have changed the relay and that didn't work. I've now taken apart the combo switch and tried cleaning the contacts per 4Crawler's webside advice. To be honest, all the contacts looked clean as in almost brand new clean. I'm going to start chasing voltages if I can but thought I would post in the meantime to see anyone has any suggestions. Most of the headlight problem threads are problems with the high beams and cleaning the contacts worked.
One other interesting piece of information. On high the high beam indicator on the instrument panel lights normally, on low it also lights but more brightly. No idea what's up with that.

I verified that I have voltage at both low and high beam legs at the lamp plug when the high beams are on and nothing on either leg when the low beams are on.

I found a used combo switch on Friday but it's $100. If all else fails I guess I will try that next week. We need to have this thing back together and touble free before he heads off to school in a couple of weeks.
Wow I don't remember what I paid for my combo switch new from Camelback Toyota in Phoenix but I don't think it was that much. When I finally got around to changing it, fixed a number of issues including no flash-to-pass, and the lights would magically turn off on low-beam, and would only reliably work on high beam.

You might want to check with murf (he's here on MUD) he works at Camelback Toyota, gives good deals on parts.
Well after trying a few things the low beams suddenly worked...and then just as suddenly wouldn't work again. I decided to dive deeper into the contacts. There is a plastic cover over them and 3 screws hold the contact assembly in place. I then discovered that one of the wires had come unsoldered from the one of the contact blades (circled in photo).

Problem solved.
Combo switch.jpg
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!!! You saved me a TON of time and aggravation with what you posted.

My ignition key locked up and I had to disassemble the column in a parking lot to get my yota home. When I put it back together I had the exact problem and the exact wire come off.

Thank you for taking the time and posting pic.

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