84 BJ60 Whistler, BC, Canada

Jun 23, 2005
4cyl diesel, 350,000KM Brown.

Father was original owner, body redone 5 years ago, drives smooth and straight, far less then typical rust for West Coast Cruiser, clean and immaculate interior, passed AirCare (BC emmissions thing) with flying colours, mechanically very reliable, starts excellent, all electrical works, new tail gate

couple rust holes in wheel weels, classic Cruiser sag (leaf springs replaced with used ones over the years as needed), engine runs on sometimes, rear passenger side wheel stuck (been sitting in parkade for six months), recently broken into (stereo gone - my "like new" dash has a cut in it), couple gauges act funny

21 year old truck requires mechanical knowledge and interest, and $$$, all of which I am running low on. No space or tools to do work.

I love this truck. I learned to drive in it. I'd rather see it in good hands then let it deteriorate in mine.

Make me an offer - first reasonable offer takes it.

Those who are willing to invest the time to come and see it in Whistler, I'll make it worth your time. Bike Park day pass or Sightseeing pass on Gondola, lunch - enjoy the mountains while you consider your offer.

Message me here with your email address.
Nov 4, 2004
In Whistler

Hey there
I would love to take a look at the your Bj60.I will be i Whistler over the next few days,so i you have achance you can reach me at bluelafreniere@hotmail.com .I already have a 84 BJ60 but i ahve a friend interested in one.Also i was wondering about the rear tire problem,did this happen while driving or is this due to the sitting for the long period of time?When it was broken into how did the gain entry to the vehicule?How did it start during the winter?When was lat time the engine has ran?Hopefully i can pick you brain when i see the unit but if you don't the time i will be back in a month or so.Where is the unit located in Whistler?
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