81 Toyota Diesel 2wd becoming 4x4 with landcruiser axles and dual t-case

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Nov 9, 2010
Well I thought I would share my little build with you guys.First off it started its life as a 1981 toyota 2wd with the rare factory 2L diesel.When I purchased the truck it had been setting out a holler road with weeds growing up around it.Heard about it though word of mouth.It had only been setting for a couple years,put in a new battery and in true toyota fashion she fired right up and purred like a kitten.I could not drive it cause the 2wd trans was bad and setting in the floor board.LOL.I could see the diamond in the rough so I drug it home

Got it in the garage to tear it down

The mighty 1L in all its glory!!
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So my plans are to make it 4wd with dual cases and 4.70 low range gears.I have been collecting parts for 4 years now.

My front end is from an 80 series landcruiser.E-locker of course.I am using the radius arms for now.Maybe one day I will link the front

Rear end from the same 80.I am making my rear suspension setup like an 80
Put some rust converter on the frame.Stuff works wonders.Just wire wheeled it and brushed it on.Also the pic shows how I'm thinking of setting up the rear end

Alot going on in this one.Got the IFS steering box on there,it is tapped for hydro assist.Frame plated.And final position of my shock hoops.Still got to burn em in there.My first time notching tube after lots of trial and error it turned out ok

Top of the hoop looking down.Had to clear my master cylinder and make room for the coil overs
12" Rad Flo coil overs look nice in there

Got the transfer case painted.Went with cummins beige.Only seems fitting.Plus I like the light color should a leak occur it should be easy to see where its coming from.

Here is how I plan on attaching the radius arms to the frame.The bracket below the frame is for a landcruiser but I believe it will work here also.Question is should I box it in or will this be strong enough
cool project, looks like you're keeping the 80 steering setup as well. What's the plan for connecting the IFS steering box/pitman arm to the 80 steering linkage?
Probably my biggest issue so far is the oil pan and front diff clearance.I think I can notch it though.

That is where I am as of today.I only get to work on it 1-2hrs a day.I got a full time job and a little boy and a wife so family takes priority over everything and with winter right around the corner I got to spend my evenings cutting fire wood for awhile.I will leave yall with another poser shot.I traded the 35's for 38's
This is something I have pondered for a while. My dad has an 83 with the 1L in it, 2wd, long bed almost just like the one you found. I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out and what you driving impressions are. Is this just to be a trail rig, or do you plan to drive it on the road too? The little 1L is a good motor, but a little underpowered.
On or offroad?

I'm going to use this truck as a trail rig. I'm sure it will be underpowered for street driving.I used to have an Isuzu diesel c223 in a 85 toyota 4x4 I imagine it will be comparable in power.It was slow but not undrivable and got about 35mpgs..And years ago I had a stock Isuzu pup 2wd diesel.It was great on power and got 45mpgs.Once I get it this one driving I'm sure it will get regeared. After I make up my mind on tire size.If the truck you have is running and driving probably the best thing is to leave as is and run it to save fuel costs.Or sell it "hint hint" I could use a good parts runner.
Plating the frame for the coilover mounts.Crappy weld pics

Rad flo resting in there

And steering setup.You cant see in this pics but there is a ram for hydro assist.Just got to make a place to mount off the diff
more progress

Things are going slow but I did manage to get some suitable springs for my coil over setup.Got the front end mostly burned in and tires bolted on.Truck setting on its own weight with 38 boggers

I like the stance. This is going to be a sweet rig when your down.
A little update

Got the rear mocked up

Everything is just tacked in place for now.checking for binding and any clearance issues

Still have to cut off the leaf spring mounts
down on all fours

Probably have to swap out for some lighter springs up front but I will mount the bumper first and double check
Positioning the fuel tank.Probably go lower once I get the rear drive shaft made and installed,check for clearance.

Bracket for the rear track bar,turned out well

Front end shaping up

There will be more added later for protection but here is the crossmember so far

Final tire and wheel combo
Nice. I plan on doing some work on the Toysuzu soon, but I have to fix my subaru first!

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