80 Series Rear Wiper Fix / Question?

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Mar 30, 2003
My rear wiper has never worked since I purchased my 80 series, I thought the motor was out. But after closer inspection the motor appears to be working fine. When I took off the panel on the back door now I can hear and see the motor pushing and pulling the arm to the wiper screw in & out. I think the problem is that the screw is supposed to be fixed to the arm but mine it rotating freely, so the arm in the inside of the door is moving, but the screw which turns the wiper is not. I'm pretty sure this is the problem but not positive. The wiper also moves pretty freely 360 degrees which I don't think is right. Any ideas on what exactly needs to be replaced? Does the whole inner arm come in one piece? Is there some other way I can get this working w/out buying any parts? Any advice would be appreciated.. I'm sure somebody has had this problem.. hpefully :cheers:


It sounds like you may need to buy :'( a new wiper link.

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