Vendor 80 Series Port Leather Manual Seats, Front Middle 3rd Rows


Supporting Vendor
Sep 27, 2004
Pics/details and can be purchased here 80 Series, Complete Set of Tan Port Leather Manual Seats

Complete set of tan port leather manual seats from a 1992. Port leather is leather installed by Toyota USA not from the factory. These hold up much better than original leather. The fronts have been reconditioned and show well. This includes all 3 rows. If someone wants the fronts only, the price is the same but shipping would be $125 instead. This is a great enhancement for those:

  1. tall drivers as it gives you 1-2" more
  2. excellent and more durable replacement compared to the OEM leather
  3. eliminates the electric motors/gears which are common failure points
  4. These will fit 93-97 models but you will to mount your female receiver to this
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