76 pig parts moving to SLC and Colorado

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Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA

I am delivering my 69 pig to Nick on the 13th of march in SLC. He is driving back to CO from there. If there is anybody that needs some parts from a 76 pig, and wants to save on shipping, I am sure that Nick and I could be talked into carting a few parts.

Whats for sale?

Complete(almost) 76 pig minus engine, rear springs, and hood.

Interior is in great shape, I have all the little bits that you may need, but no idea if they work or not....cheap

Good set of seats, pics on request, red in color 50 bucks each, no rips no tears etc...

4spd and case, 100 bucks,

drivelines 25 each SOLD

Front disc axle with spare pads 100 bucks SOLD

rear axle 100 bucks

two front fenders (upper and lower) that have been repaired, and are now rust free, 25 bucks a piece. SOLD

All original glass except tailgate- 30 dollars per piece if I don't break them:D

Roof is rust free and straight, if anyone wants it, I can cut it off and store it for a bit.

Couple of marker light things from the rear.....5 bucks SOLD

front springs, good shape....50 bucks

steering box(non power) 20 bucks

Rear heater 30 bucks(with hoses) SOLD

set of white 69 doors, great shape recovered panels, inlcudes all the guts, 25 bucks per. Exception is the PS front, the lower hinge kinda fell out.......10 bucks.

Awesome rear bumper with reciever hitch, this thing is stout, pics upon request... 100 bucks,

Gas tank and whatever......50 bucks

Original radio..dunno if it works...10 bucks

Tailgate-never tried to work it but in good shape...40 bucks SOLD


Dome light assembly with intact switch lever 20 bucks

etc etc.

Prices are BO, but from what I have seen they are pretty low already....If yer not from Idaho, Utah, Colordado or Wyoming, please wait till later....If you really need something let me know, but I don't really have the time to be shipping a bunch of stuff. Once I get the pig delivered, then I will work with non-inland northwest folks....

Thanks folks, you can contact me by PM or email me at klierdj@earthlink.net
Or call.... 208-596-8800
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I would be more than happy to bring parts from Dan to the folks in CO. :D

I can bring them to my house and store them untill you can come pick them up at my place. Or if you live close enough I may be able to deliver them.
PM'ed ya on the front axle.
nuclearlemon said:
got an ebrake cable?

Sorry, I thought it was in the back, but no luck

nuclearlemon said:
long shot....defrost ducts?

Yeah actually, One of them has some duct tape on it but they all seem to be in pretty good condition. Yer gonna have to fight it out with Guyute though:D , He asked about some "heater ducting" in his PM.
dieselcruiserhead said:
If for some reason it fall through, I'll gladly take the rear tailgate, the front axle,
the fenders. Thaknks!

Alrighty, yer next in line.
Buyers, please see post in parts for sale section
I would be happy to haul parts to western Wyoming and squat on them awhile. They have to be able to slide in the garage next to the Benz though. :cheers: -Josh
I'll be on the road by 5:00. I'm heading north on 15 and turning west at Missoula. My cell # is (307)690-8864 and my home # (for the wife) is (307)733-8280. I'll give you a call in the morning when I hit Moscow.-Josh

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