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Feb 1, 2016
Houston, TX
United States
I know this is cliche, but it pains me to write this post. I've owned this FJ40 for almost 2 years. I purchased this cruiser as a dream I had, including driving and fixing it up with my 12 year old son. We've had a lot of fun working on it and driving it around town. We get a lot of looks and it certainly is a converstation piece at the gas station.

Let me start with with the condition when I purchased it from the previous owner.

327 Small Block Chevy 4 bolt main, bored 30 over, 1968 truck, rebuilt 2010/11
Mild performance cam
Aluminum Edlebrock intake
650 CFM Edlebrock Carb
4 spd original transmission
Shorty Headers
Flow Master 40 mufflers, true dual low profile back dump
Spring Over Axle conversion
1978 FJ40 front hubs with disc brakes, rotated to proper angle to match lift
37” Toyo MTs 37x13.50R17 LT
Factory Roll Cage
FJ62 steering box, high rise steering
Newer: clutch, slave cylinder, master cylinder
Kilby on-board air (needs complete connections)
Mean Green alternator
Yellow Top Optima Battery/2013
One original rear jump seat
Bikini top
Original heater (not currently installed)
Original hardtop
Con-ferr rack (needs sandblast and re-paint)
Two original doors (glass is cracked on one door)
Old/tired rhino lined inside cab
Cut out and replaced rear floor (not very good welding job, but I didn't mind)
Second set of black powedercoated speedo frame, ashtray, glove box door (as you can see in the photos, I've removed the original stuff in preparation for installing the black versions)
I also have the original grab bar for the dash, I was cleaning it up as well
Original center console (not currently installed)
Cool little lock-box under driver's seat (I have the key)

Since I've owned it:
Bestop soft top, with full doors that can be switched into half doors
Bestop rear bench seat
4Plus rear tire carrier, full 37 inch
Affordable Offroad front bumper
Rough Country RS9500 Wench
Rewired rear lights with new lights
New wipers, side mirrors, shifter boots, emblems
The PO cut the firewall slightly, I assume to install the engine, so I had a piece fabbed up to cover the hole which allows for easier access to rear of the engine.

Paint: As you can see in the interior photos, the original color is desert beige. The PO had done some body work and primed it for painting. I liked the patina look and was going back and forth between leaving as-is, or painting it. I would have painted it back to it's original color though, but again I was undecided.

The cruiser passes Texas inspection. Lights work, wipers work, horn works, powers steering works perfect. It has the onboard air, but I have not purchased the complete components to finish it. I also purchased a new wheel and tire for the tire carrier. The wheel doesn't match exactly, but it was close enough for me. I ended up installing the new tire on the cruiser and putting the worse tire on the back. I also installed 2" spacers to give the tires better inside clearance.

I haven't done a "great" job doing a detailed cleaning in some areas, as I've been enjoying driving it and installing some of the added mods. I realize some of the interior and undercarriage just needs some TLC. I believe the PO liked to mud around quite a bit, that's why some of the undercarriage photos look "dirty". The undercarriage also has an old/tired rhino liner that's peeling off in places (evidenced in the photos).

Some of the photos show "wet" areas as I had to give it a bath due to all the pollen outside right now. The only thing that "leaks" is the main seal. It has a slow leak that I just deal with (shown by the piece of wood underneath for it to drip on when I'm done driving it). It hasn't gotten worse, so I just live with it. Nothing else is leaking.

I have a video of the engine and exhaust, see end of post.

The reason for selling it, is because I have two children in college (4 total) and I need to get another vehicle for the family. In other words, I need the money more than I need the cruiser right now. My dream will have to wait a few years once a few of my kids get married :)

Priced reduction $10,000. SOLD !!

No longer considering trades.

side 2.jpg

side 3.jpg

side 4.jpg

side 5.jpg

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Feb 1, 2016
Houston, TX
One almost identical sat around here for well over two years at 4,500.
First, I do appreciate all of the feedback. However given what I've seen sold on MUD (and other places), I think 5K is quite low. Again, I know it has flaws, but it runs great and a lot work has gone into it, and if you consider everything that I'm including ?
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Jul 11, 2013
The one we had Local was a spring over, 35's, 350, but had chevy axles under it ( think 14 in back can't remember the front ) , hard top. body wasn't bad at all, wiring needed a little help, but overall the main difference between yours and this one is your tires appear new, and you have the rear tire swing out.

The local one was never on MUD and don't believe it ever went on CL till a dealer bought it and tried to flip it.

I love your rig and hope you get more than 11k.

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