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Sep 8, 2014
Need help with my 1969 fj40 gauage cluster. Gauges do not work, or work sporadically. My goal is to keep the stock gauages. The cluster is a second generation with the fuel gauge on the left next to amp meter. I have the haynes repair manual 68-82. The manual has a good electrical section, but i think its based on the newer generation cluster. From my research these gauges are 7 volts. Is that correct? The power source is 12 volts. Is the step down to 7volts built into the gauge? If so how can i check that? If the step down is broke can i fix that? If i remove the cluster completely can i test the gauges individually with my ohm meter. What should be my readings be. I have replaced fuel and temp sending units. Any help would be great. a better repair manual or literature would be awesome.


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Dec 13, 2010
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Did you read this thread? https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/clusters-gauges-speedo-odo-meters.544543/
The first 8 pages (from the FSM) in posting #7 are for your 2nd gen. cluster.
The OIL pressure sender and the FUEL sender have both a built-in Voltage Regulator. That's why they have the "ball" shape.
If your problem is intermittent, look for bad contacts or a corroded fuse or fuse holder.



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