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Jan 26, 2008
Hey there,

I have a '78 FJ40, but have always wanted a 2H with a 5 speed....

just came across a guy looking to part out a 60 with just that...i know the h55f requires a centre rear diff, so im thinking, take the engine/tranny/transfer out, take the rear axle out, take the drive shafts out...and...this 60 has a full OME suspension setup - may as well take that as well right?!

question is - i know that the OME bits have different part numbers for a 60 - but wondering if anyone might know what the real differences are? would this crazy plan work?
Sep 18, 2013
Sydney, Australia
You can take all that out and put it in your 40, but it won't be a simple bolt up exercise.
Engine mounts different (but you can source from fj45).
Diffs are wider. Steering setup and TRE different.
Leaf springs - yours have small eyes, the 60 have large eyes.
60 fronts are about the same length as the 40 front (actually a bit shorter) and the centre pin is a different offset.
Rear leafs much longer and centre pin is offset.
You can see the work you need to do for the rear springs in my post here:
The front 60 series drive shaft will be the right length for the rear once you put in the 60 rear leafs.

All depends on what you want to do with your rig...
Dec 31, 2013
Arnhem, The Netherlands
Not a crazy idea! It can be done and it has been done.
Is that HJ60 a 24 or 12 volt? Can't you buy the whole car? You will need the radiator and wiring harnas as well.
I would buy and sell the leaf spring to someone else. Too much trouble to get it right for your 40. You can also put the diffs into the axles of the 40 instead of the 60 axles.
And use the engine mounts from the 60 to match up the 2H into the 40. Or look for engine mounts from a HJ47.

Good luck!

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