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Jan 10, 2006
I was on ebay and glancing at the small gallery pictures I thought I saw set of FJ55 gauges but they were 60 series gauges. So I ended up finding a 60 at a salvage yard and picked up the gauge cluster for about $20.. along with disc brake stuff. I thought I would install the gauges in my 55. I don't so much care for the look of aftermarket gauge set ups and wanted something that looked somewhat stock.

I have 2 pig gauge sets and both speedo's are inoperable. The FJ60 speedo's have a trip meter and a 6 digit (plus 10ths) odometer.

The FJ60 and pigs speedo are the same sizes, only the 60's is a little deeper. pic 131.jpg

pic 132.jpg

pic 134.jpg
pic 131.jpg
pic 132.jpg
pic 134.jpg
I first cut off the mounting tabs to the 60's cluster flush. I had to notch some of the foam on the pig's dash piece where the screws that hold the clear face to the 60's speedo meet the foam for a snug fit.

I then made some little brackets and epoxy'd them to the 60's housing. I'm sure there is a cleaner way to do this but this worked for me.
pic 135.jpg

pic 136.jpg

pic 137.jpg
pic 135.jpg
pic 136.jpg
pic 137.jpg
waiting for the epoxy to set, i installed my speedo cable. My cruiser has the older screw on type. I had an extra clip on style cable from a hilux that worked perfectly with this speedo. It was longer than the stock cable too so it gave me a little more wiggle room.

I also wired up the backlight for the speedo. I had an extra plug that worked with the original so i wouldn't have to cut my unmolested pigs wiring harness. After all of that, hook it back up and it's ready to go.

The speedo works great and looks great. Eventually I will put the other combo gauge in. I have to gather some more little parts.. I have to get whatever is needed to give a voltage reading and volt. light. But that will be another day. I am just happy to have a speedo now.. well.. speedometer that is. pic 138.jpg

pic 139.jpg

pic 140.jpg
pic 138.jpg
pic 139.jpg
pic 140.jpg
Eventually I'll get a repro dash piece.. but i would like to maybe make my own and incorporate the 60's tach. a similar setup to the 60's gauges... the combo gauge, then tach in the middle then the speedo. It would probably all fit.. but I just don't know how I could make a panel that looked stock but had 3 holes in it.
Thanks Alex--didn't know the 60 would fit and now you know how fast/slow the pig is going
Great thread, I'll have to keep this in my down the road.
I'll be looking for the finished outcome.
But the 60 speedo is useless above 85 mph. Hehehe.

Thanks for sharing this info.


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