60 ? from a 40 guy

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Nov 4, 2005
High Point, NC Greenville, SC
don't think it connects to anything-as stanley said, this would be the link for the rear sway bar.
Yes, shackle is backwards. and there is no rear shock. and the diff cover looks weird. Also, the frame should be boxed there.
Are you sure this is a 60?
Thats a 60
Frame in not supposed to be boxed there.
The dif cover has had the fill plug relocated so that the proper amount of oil would stay in after the 3rd was turned up.
Definatly needs a shock and a sway bar.

Whats the rest of the truck like?
i just cant get over how freaking clean it is under there. i got some work to do i guess
Horsehead said:
It's definitely a 60, one ya'll have seen before i presume... So what's the verdict on that stainless thing? connects too the sway bar which is not attached?



if I remember right, the old 60's are missing the rear sway bar tabs, and the newer 60's 85/6+ have the tabs but no rear sway bars. you steal the sway bars off a 62 which came with them.
Yup, you can see the end result in this pic.

Just found this thread. These pictures are of my truck....Looks like you figured out everything already though. Yes, the u-bolt is bent but i think the picture makes it look worse than it is.

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