60 4 speed to a 3 speed transfercase

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Jan 12, 2006
Prattville, Al
I just bought a 4 speed tranny that was on a 60. Can I attach it to a 3 speed transfer case or do I need a split case. I have a 72-40 with original f engine and drivetrain. I have looked at the tech stuff but I am a very GREEN mechanic and I did not know if a 60 4 speed would be different than a 40. I also do not know the year of the tranny. On the plus side I only paid 100 bucks.
FJ60 tailshaft should be 19 splined. FJ40 one piece transfer cases are 10 and 16 splined variety. Not compatible.

I've toyed with several ideas to increase interchangeability, but wouldn't bother unless it was to mate an H55 to the 3 speed t-case.

At any rate, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a stock 4 speed close to you if you don't mind posting in the Wanted forum and bumping your thread along for a week or two.

Good luck.

Mark A.

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