4x4 indicator light stays on

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Mar 31, 2008
Ok so I tried to search for this because I hate asking the same question...so I have an 88 fj62 and the 4x4 dash indicator light stays on. I will press the button nothing.... shift out of 3 hi to neutral and back push the button nothing just stays on...any ideas? Also I just read about the temperature gauge issues everyone seems to have sweet idea for the mechanical tguage radiator cap because my temperature guage fluctuates on the highway only just up and down took a few times of pulling over and checking and I still worry.:eek:
You're not able to shift from 4WD to 2WD either I'll bet. The most likely culpret is is the solenoid valve that engages 2WD - it's shot. It's located on the fire wall just to the passenger side of center along with the 4WD solenoid valve - ones brown (2WD) and the other is blue (4WD). There's a single vac line that leads to the intake manifold that's shared between the two solenoid valves and two vac lines that lead to the vacuum actuator on the transfer case. Each of the solenoid valves have a plastic muffler that looks like a black cylinder. Each solenoid valve has a two wire electrical connector that plus into it.

Since you normally are in 2WD that valve is on almost all the time and has burned out. Easy temporary fix is to swap the vacuum lines from one to the other where they drop down towards the transfer case. Use the search function and you'll find a lot more info on how others have come up with fixes other than the OEM solenoid valves which cost over $300 new.

Easy fix.

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x2 on the solenoid. I drove around for a year, thinking that it was a problem with the electrical (i know, not smart). It wasn't till I lifted mine that I heard a rumble when I would brake. So I my first guess was to check if the front drive shaft was actually spinning, duh...it was. Because of the new angle of the DS it would make noise when I brake. Solenoid is an easy fix, for now, you can actually take the hoses off and blow into them or suck on them (cant remember which) to disengage the 4WD.
I think that you can refrence other solenoids like from camry or other toyota cars that are dirt cheap and they are the same solenoids.

All that info is on Mud somewhere.

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