4L80E in a 60?

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Feb 19, 2004
Pepperell MA
Ok, so I'm about done messin' with the 2F in my '84 FJ60. I want better power and mileage. No, I'm not junking it; it'll go in my '66 FJ45 along with the 4-sp and split case. No need to beat the "keep the 2F" drum... :)

What I'm thinking is a TBI'd 350, 4L80E to Dana 300. Probably leave the Cruiser rear for now. I know the 350 fits and I know the Dana 300 has a centered rear output. What I don't know is how well the 4L80E fits under the floors of a 60 series.

Why? Well, I have everything in the shop and the 4L80E came with a AA Dana 300 adapter already installed. If the coin shows up along the way I'll install an Orion T18 replacement instead of the Dana 300.

Anyone know how much beating I have to do to the floor of the 60 to get a 4L80E under it?

Someone on here has one & it didn't required beating IIRC. It is a lot heavier than a 4L60E, though. But then you could get a 454 (or 502 like the boat guy).

I can recommend a TPI with stock computer controlling it & the trans: I've got a 5.7 Vortec & 4L60E in my '84 60. The 2F went into my '83.

If you go Longs, the Toy axles are stronger than Danas according to the propaganda. Ebay the Dana & get the Orion so I can drool!
You need an external transmission controller for that 4L80E as it is electronically shifted. Think of it as a TH400 with overdrive and a lockup torque convertor. They are very heavy duty and guys are pushing 1000rwhp+ thru them without failure.

They will suck up about 30hp to run due to parasitic drag... but if you plan to tow something this tranny won't give you any problems. If you plan to wheel it a lot the 4L60E has a deeper 1st gear.
Waggoner5 on this board has an FJ62 with a 502 ahead of a 4L80E.
you can get a manual revers valve body for it though if I remember correctly and that means it would be similiar to a manual tranny but no clutching--might be a bit easier--I myself just wonder how hard it will shift because I have heard of neck problems with the super hard shifting...hmmmmmmmm..anyone?...anyone?...BUELER..BUELER..

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