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yea thats about right depending on the mileage and what you find when ya get down there, be sure and check it out good dont get taken in by shiney paint looks good in the ad
Red with brown interior. That's different. I like it though. 3500 would be a good price. Good luck
Thanks guys. The guy told me there is no bondo. A fender was fixed but metal welded in. Tacoma tires look pretty cool on it. Might toss the engine I already have in there
Looks like a nice truck from the pictures. Make sure you have a good look at the frame for any serious rust. The usual bad spots are the rear portions of the frame behind where the boxing ends and the tubular cross member that the rear shocks mount to. As far as I'm concerned rust is the trump card for whether a cruiser has potential or not, anything else can be fixed and can be used as a barganing point for price.

Do we have any good threads on what to check on an inspection? Knuckles and such?
Yeah I learned that the hard way. The good news is that I have a rust free frame and great engine with low miles. If worse comes to worse I can put that body interior and all on the one I have
Sorry, should have remembered that you are already one truck into the game. :) If you are looking to build one good truck, you can likely find a beauty with a blown engine for real cheap and do the swap.
I would be wary of additional body rust hiding and worry about the rust that was fixed coming back. Check to see where that truck has been, what areas of the country. I think they use salt in Knoxville on the roads, if you truly want a rust free body, I would look in the deep south or the southwest.
Yeah I'm constantly searching for a new body. It's a bit of an obsession. I'm sure you all know what I mean
I might order one of those third party inspections. It's a good 12 to 13 hour drive
an added advantage is a fellow cruiser head will know all the typical spots to check. Likely a good 3rd party would find it as well - but i'd do it for free and hopefully they would as well.

If you get it buy the guy/gal a beer or three and i think you'd be square.
True! I would do the same, as well. I'll put my feelers out
I will be in Knoxville all this week. PM me about taking a look at it if your a serious buyer.

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