45LV - can a come-a-long pull it?

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Sep 30, 2006
I leave Wednesday to pick up the LV I have been waiting 16 years for. I am taking a landscape trailer to Illinois (from Maryland) to get it.

It hasn't run in a while - will a regular come-a-long pull it onto the trailer?

If not, should I pull the plugs, add a battery and starter it onto the trailer?

Other ideas, tips...?

pics coming when I get it.
If you can pull it with straps to the street you could put the trailer facing downhill and roll it on with some pushing or the come along once the front wheels are on it.

Post some pics!!!! Congrats!
Thanks for your thoughts - I really don't know what I am getting into - I haven't seen the vehicle in 16 years! But the owner was a good friend.

If only I had the bucks to add a winch right away...

My son is super excited about the trip - it will be fun to have a cruiser again.
A come along will work but you'd be faster blocking the trailer wheels and using a tow strap!
I was unable to get a Mitsubishi pickup onto a car hauler with a come-along. I pushed it on with my FJ40, using an old tire between it and the Mitsu.

My attempt was made with a 2000# rated US-made come-along - not a Chinese-trash one.

If you're downhill, you stand a chance. Worst case, use a high-lift jack and good wheel chocks, but it will take forever to get it up onto the hauler in 35" increments.

Just a couple suggestions. I have loaded way to many by myself and have gotten too much weight moving without a breakman helping.

1. Have help if loading on trailer downhill....or else you could have a nice truck with an lv in the bed.

2. Fill tires...come-alongs work much better this way.

3. Come along will work just fine...big question is, will your arm and shoulder?

4. Check brakes on lv first!

Good luck and SEND PICS!
The LV is in my driveway - its 1 a.m., we drove all day (and stopped by the airforce museum in Dayton) Pics coming!

It was snowing when we got there - cold!

Brake and Clutch go to the floor - no resistance
Battery has been on a trickle charge - no juice anyway
Try to push - like pushing a brick wall.

We used a combination of a 3rd vehicle/tow strap and a come-a-long...

The body is decent - I will be checking on the mechanicals soon...

Glad to be an LV owner!
bring a battery and use the starter to drive it up on the trailer??? I have seen other cars do this

Absolutely, the starter should get it right up there.

Congrats on the new truck!

To my untrained eye, things look really solid, just some bubbles near window frames etc. Rockers, lower panels, doors - solid.

I don't like the color.

I think it needs a solenoid to start.

I am very excited - like I mentioned earlier, I have been waiting 16 years for this specific cruiser.

Mechanicals, paint, tires wheels, upholstery, here we go!
Finding out more...

The valve cover on the engine says "Chevrolet" (straight six)

The floors are solid - one or two body mounts may need attention - frame looks solid

I'll need a mechanic friend to get her running, unless I run into some luck. Brake and clutch reservoirs are dry.

Is it normal for the x-fer case lever to be a removable t-shaped key?

The frame # is FJ45LV - 25386

I am certain there will be many questions to follow...
great snag

The truck looks great. Good luck with her.

And I finally get to be the Bezel Police.... its upside down!!! :D
Mike - you rock! How do I send you the rest of the pics I have?

You are welcome to register and add all the pics you like or feel free to email them to me at treeroot @ root45.com

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