4 Wheel Parts Grand Opening

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Sep 29, 2007
Little Rock, AR
Guys, the new 4 Wheel Parts is having their grand opening next Saturday. I have talked to the manager of the Memphis store recently (before I knew about the Little Rock location) about helping with the Ramble. He invited us out to the grand opening to hang out and meet the Little Rock manager and check out the store. I was looking for guys to go out and make an appearance on behalf of the club. Unfortunately, I am still working on Saturdays and can't go.

It would be a big help for our club to show up and meet everybody, not only for the Ramble but also to have a go to store in our area.

I hope a few of us can make it.
I should be home and I'm down with going...
I say we show up and "own" the opening...would be good publicity for the club too...maybe we can even try to get a mud discount set up down the line...a little goodwill to both parties? They'll probably be a million jeeps there too, so maybe someone can bring a tow truck? (sorry, sorry I know)...:rimshot:
I'd be down to go if we could get a nice size group going.. No point going if there's just 1 or 2 of us, right?
We need to show up for this, even if it's just 2 of us. Please go if you can, it could go a long way to help the club. We can't expect support if we don't support the vendors.
The Arkansas Crawlers will be there cooking food and offering it FO FREE!!!! 4WP bought the food, and we are cooking it. Well, I say "we" - I'll be at HSORVP that Saturday testing out the new cuts on my Treps. #teamTreps
I'd be willing to head out there too! Anyone know what time everyone's meeting?

If I do go and see some of y'all there, some of you might be in for a shock - If you all haven't noticed through the context in my previous posts, I'm actually an 18yr old senior attending Central High School here in Little Rock. I plan on attending Fayetteville next Fall where I will begin my studies in mechanical engineering. I believe there is no age limit on the love and passion for Cruisers!
Their Saturday hours are 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. I'm game for meeting up there, but I have a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby to attend that morning. I'm not sure on the times yet.

You mind talking to your memphis store buddy and seeing what is a good time for us to show up there?
He had told me anytime was good, since it is all day between 9-5. I figure the best time to go is when people can go :) I wish I could go, but I have to be at work all day.
I'd like to go.. just seeing the interest of this page, 4 including myself and with josh being able to make it later.
So we've go:

1. Waldo
2. Jordan
3. Josh (later in the day)
4. The Forger (sorry don't know your name)?
5. Eli
6. Cole?

Anyone else I'm missing?
Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Steven:)
At the risk of being reprimanded and sent to Boy Scout jail, I will not be in attendance at 4WP Grand Opening this weekend : > /
I am free from 1:00 on, so that's when I'll probably get there. If y'all want to get there early and do your thing, then go for it.
So I guess the question is are we wanting to go early and then meet up with Josh or go later all together with Josh?
Only thing is we miss out on all the freebies/goodies the later we show up... :(

I'm game for whatever, but let's set something concrete today say 130 or 2?

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