4 speed transmition problem?

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Apr 3, 2008
coarsegold, Ca
I recently converted my 3 speed transmition to a four speed stock fj40 transmition. I kept the 3 speed transfer case. I truthfully was able to drive it for the first time just recently. After working on it for almost a year it was awesome. My only question is this is my first fj40 and I have never driven any other one besides my own and when I drive my and I let off the gas to me the noise that come from the transmition doesn't soind natural. It doesn't grind or anything but it definetly has a loose metal sound. Is this normal ?
Howdy! I don't remember exactly what all is in there, but did you get all the spacers into the transfer case to hold the input gear in the right position? Ar you running a PTO gear? Did you set the torque on the nut on the shaft that goes thru the transfer case from the transmission? Did you install a new throw out bearing and pilot bushing? Any of these could cause some new noise. John

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