Wanted 4 Speed and Tcase for FJ40

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May 21, 2010
North Ca
United States
Hello. I am looking for a 4speed and Tcase for a 3 speed swap. Preferably they would be mated together. I am in Northern Ca. Thanks!
I think I have a complete combo. Send me a pm.

Georg @ valley hybrids in Stockton.
Georg, Thanks for getting back to me. I tried to PM you twice, but I don't believe the messages are getting to you. My inbox/outbox shows they are not. I will try to PM again. I am very interested and would like to talk. Thanks again.
I also have a four speed with a three speed case already mated up. I am buying a pig from a friend and helped him do the swap. The motor ended up being bad so it never actually drove but a few miles. The tranny and case are fine, you will need the shifter for the TC though. He never put on the four speed TC shifter on the three speed case. Not a big deal.
Bigsal, thanks for replying. I was able to purchase the 4speed from Georg at Valley Hybrids. Thanks again Georg.

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