3L LN131 hilux Surf wiring diagram,anyone have? (1 Viewer)

Jun 9, 2006
Hi Guys,
looking back through this forum I found my listing of selling my rolled LN131 from 2011!

In any case I never sold the truck and it sat out in the back of my shop for 9 years, for giggles I decided to drag it out and see if I could fire it up, son of a gun, a few pumps of the fuel filter (still the retched old diesel in there) but a boost pack on it,....bloody thing fired right up like it was yesterday!

So I bought an LN130 from out west with a dead 2LTE and auto(the head was cracked,but I had a buddy that needed the block due to a useless mechanic that did not time the truck correctly when they repaired the pump,....big mess),and decided to swap my 3L into that.

So far everything is going great, but I cant seem to find many details on the wiring for the LN131 (poverty pack version of the Surf).

I wanted to mate the engine harness of the LN131 to the chassis wiring of the LN130.

The LN130 harness is slick in that it unplugs directly inside and comes out in one piece, the LN131 does not split the same way,so some splicing is in order.



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