3FE Timing

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Jan 29, 2010
I am new to the site but could use some help. I put a 3FE in my FJ40 with the original 4 speed trans. and I am having trouble getting it running. Seems to be getting fuel and has a spark I think, so I think it might be the timing?
I have read the different threads on timing but most seem to refer to setting the timing on a running engine or with the original flywheel which would be different?
I probably should also say my mechanical skills are somewhat limmited but I would appreciate any help I can get.
Just a thought, are you sure the distributor is in correctly and not off by 360 degrees. Another words, are you sure the 1st cylinder was at DTC.
No I am not sure. I guess I am not sure how to figure that out. In reading some of the threads it looks like if I remove the #1 spark plug and rotate the motor until I feel pressure that should be TDC? But I guess I am unclear as to what to do after that to make the nessesary adjustments. Thanks for the reply.
Well, that is top dead center; but it could be on the exhaust stroke or compresion stroke. You need it to be sure to be on the compression stroke in order to set the timing. Once you are there you set the distributor to point to the number one cylinder.

If you set the timing when at TDC on the exhaust, it will not run. It will usually fire on one cylinder every now and again while cranking though.
Pull of the valve cover and remove #1 plug. rotate the engine untill you see the #1 piston come up. When both valves are closed on #1 that is tdc on compression stroke. Then set the dist. so it points to the #1 plug. When you install the dist. it will rotate ccw FSM says install at 22* (like 1 oclock) and it should rotate to neg. 22* (like 11 oclock).
That should be enough to get it fired then adjust the dist. for best perfomence.
Great, thanks that helps. I will see if I can work on it a little this afternoon. Thanks.

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