3b home brew turbo setups....pics/ideas

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Feb 11, 2008
the bush, Coombs, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
let's see those homebrew kits you all are building. i am very interested in my own setup so ideas on what turbo to use t25 t3 ct25??? 13bt manifold compatibility?pics? would be of great help.

I have searched it but figured i'd just start a new thread of my own...see what's out there...:cheers:
How, "home brew" or ghetto are we talking? I can take pictures of my '55 with the AXT manifold and Volvo turbo but it looks pretty decent. I have my FJ45LV with the 13B-T manifold and CT26 but it too looks pretty stock. Same with the AXT kit on the BJ60.

None of it is too "cobbled together".
I am watching all the DIY turbo threads for I have a 13BT manifold and I think I am going to go with the Garrett T25

you mean a ct26? Here's the kit I came up with... works quite well...
* 13BT manifold from gscruiserparts.com
* Toyota ct26 turbo from an MR2 (junkyard)
* turbo exhaust outlet from a Supra (junkyard)
* turbo exhaust outlet gasket for supra hot-side (different shape than
the mr2 variety) fleabay
* stainless braided oil cooling lines from rabidchimp.com
* ct26 turbo outlet flange from bicperformance.com
* misc. oil gaskets and blank-off plates for oil and coolant connections
on turbo
Remember that some stuff that we find for the "home brew" setups is not available such as the AXT manifold that I have with a Volvo turbo on the '55. AXT will not sell the manifold alone (I got it from someone else who I assume cooked the AXT turbo). The AXT manifold would be the nicest as it is already a T3 footprint and not the OEM Toyota CT26 footprint like the 13B-T manifold which requires an adaptor to mount something else to it.
that's good to know i can always have a custom t3 style manifold made i have access to welding and fab tools...so a t3 footprint is one of the most common and more available than a ct25/13bt manifold combo?
my homebrew kit used a merkur turbo, the stock manifold blocked off, a hole sawed in it, pipe welded on (using nickel iron rod for cast metal) a metal bung welded to the oil pan, and some hacked together pipe for intake and exhaust side. probally cost me 3 or 400 bucks said and done. have a post turbo exhaust leak i still got to get around to fixing, but been busy fixing everything else lately. dont have any pics on this computer, try and post some later.
The CT-26 is a Toyota ONLY turbo. The T3 or T4 is a standard footprint with a much wider range of choices. That doesn't mean that you cannot mount a T3 or T4 on a 13B-T manifold, it just means you need an adaptor to do so.
Merker Garrett on a 13 b-t manifold. Using an adapter.

Seems good. Going down the highway I get 5 or so PSI at 2000 rpm in 5th. Drop it to 4th and floor it..... and hold for a bit I go all the way up to 13-14 psi at 2600 or so rpm.

On a step hill in 4th I get about 10 psi.

EGT never seems to go above 600-800 post turbo.

nice setup...some merkurs are probably rotting away in local yards round here i should have a look for turbos then build a manifold and plumb it all up...what else do i need a pyrometer and ?????

just found a brand new turbo cheap XS Power Inc. t3/4 compatible for $175 in the states....$250 international delivered

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Does it come with a wastegate?
If you're doing a home brew you should buy or borrow the book "Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell. It gives a good talk about turbos and though it is gasser focused most principles are the same anyways.
if your gonna give the home brew a try, do get a pyrometer. After you have it all set up you can turn up the fuel for a little more go. I drilled and tapped the manifold while i had it off, so its nice if you have the pyrometer before u get started.
nice setup...some merkurs are probably rotting away in local yards round here i should have a look for turbos then build a manifold and plumb it all up...what else do i need a pyrometer and ?????

Junkyards may require new seals and bushings. I still have to do that.

You will want a boost gauge too. Then using a boost controller you can set it up to a safe level(whatever that may be???)
i just scored a mitsu TEO4H for free and some tubes etc...my neighbor had two just sitting on our property here.....now i build a manifold or buy one????

oh and a boost gauge/controller would be a good idea cheers...
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if you were in calgary i'd weld up the manifold for ya, i still have some nickel iron rod, but its kind of hard to do that unless you can line it up while eyeballing proper position in the engine compartment. if that makes any sense. also you might as well pull the oil pan and weld a bung to it. i got a 1/4" npt tap from napa, 3/4" hole sawed a piece of 3/8 steel and tapped it. then made a hole in the pan and migged it on. in hindsight i would have welded it a little higher on the pan to prevent the oil return from stirring anything up at the bottom. having a 1" body lift is nice for the hood clearance in regards to the turbo and crossover pipe etc.

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