33x10x15 BFG? Other choices?

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Dec 13, 2004
Austin, Texas
Has anyone been running the new KM2's for any length of time? Are BFG AT still the go to tires these days?

I had the tires balanced and rotated on the FJ40, and also had some FJ62 wheel put on to replace the Chevy white wagon wheel the truck came with.

The BFG AT had very little miles on them, but they are old and starting to crack, so new tires are needed soon. I'll be ok running around town, but Iam not sure if I would trust these tires for any long distance.

I have the 33x10.50 KM2s on my 4Runner and I think they're a great tire. Granted, it took me a while to dial them in ( needed to trim a little bit on no lift ) and I have lockers, so they aren't lasting as long as they should be ( about 24k on them right now, with maybe 20% tread left ) but i'd still say thats pretty good for a MT.

Toyo and Dunlop make a 33x10.50 as well.
I have heard good things about Nitto Grappler. I just had a BFG AT KO delaminate on one, which necessitated 4 new shoes on the Ex.

That said, I run them on my 4runner with no probs.
The only issue Iam having is finding a tire in the 33x10.5 for a 15 inch rim. Seems like BFG is the only game so far.

4WP shows to stock the 33x9.50R15?? That would be cool - but I thought BFG stopped making the 9.5??
Hey mark - I've got the 10.5 km2s on stock 15 rims on the 40. Prob 2 years and 3000miles. Seem similar to old MTs in terms of wear. Kinda narrow for sand bit I never got stuck in soft fluff. At full stearing lock rubs on stock steering- not a prob if careful parking.

I have BFg ATs on the dodge. Gnarled pitted and cracked and hard to balance but they won't wear down to where I want to pay for new tires.

Hope this helps! Tim
The new km2s are a great all around tire now. Much better than older wrangler and bfg mTs.

Quiet, much better in the rain, etc. they dont make the 9.5 any more. Even jeeps come stock with them on the rubicon.

Other tires to look at, are the nitto terra grappler, toyo open country mT, and dynapro mT

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