305/70/16's on stock height 100?

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May 23, 2016
Anacortes, WA
Hi everyone,

I'm about the pull the trigger on a new set of 305/70/16 Goodyear MTR (Kevlars) this weekend for the 99 LC I just purchased.

I've read in random posts that 305/70/16's will fit without a lift, I just wanted to ask directly to be sure before I spend $1300+. Anyone have any experience with this tire model/size on a stock LC?

If so, will they for sure fit without rubbing? (or very minimal rubbing at full-lock)

Also, if anyone happens to have pictures of this size tire on a stock-height 100, I'd love to see how it looks. I'm sure if I spent several hours digging through the forums I could find some, I just don't have alot of free time, so any pics you could post would be great! (even if they're not MTR's)

Thanks everyone!
Thanks.. Yeah, I've read that... There are a few people who mention the 305's seem to fit... I'm just looking for a little more confirmation I guess (and pics, the ones in that thread for the 305's on a stock LC don't work anymore)

i would not recommend installing 35's without at least 2" lift. Under normal street driving conditions you WILL rub the rear fender & liner points at partial turn, and any offroading at speed will likely remove the fender liner(s). Depending on the tire geometry, you may also experience interference with the inner sidewall & the UCA
Right on... Thanks for the links... Looks like some brands fit fine, others rub... Went ahead and ordered 4 MTR/K's, get them installed Saturday... Will report back when they're on! :)

Thanks again,
The MTR's fit good... Very small bit of rubbing somewhere at full lock, but it's easy to avoid... Not sure exactly what was rubbing, only noticed it one time (with the wheels turned 100% to one side) .. Been super busy the past few weeks so it's been parked. Once I get a chance to get out and look at it closer i'll let ya know exactly what rubbed... Either way, it's not really an issue... and they look great! :) Definitely need some lift for looks and more clearance offroad, but for minor offroading, and street use there are no problems... Will post some pics when I get some time. :)

I'd like to see these as well.
Just took a quick picture out my office window with my phone to give ya an idea... It's not quite sitting level because the parking pad it's on isnt perfectly flat, but it gives ya a good idea of what it looks like. I'll get some pics taken on level ground with my good camera in the next few days... In the mean time, enjoy! :)

Is the inner sidewall hitting your upper control arm?

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