2LTE engine knowledge?

Discussion in 'Diesel Tech / 24 volts' started by BioDave, Feb 28, 2007.

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    Feb 10, 2007
    All you Toyota diesel geniuses out ther, somebody must know! I have a 2LTE engine, seems to be a very early one (# 2l 0600381) with some broken valve rockers. The 2LT (non electronic) engines seem to use a roller end rocker, and the newer 2LTE's have the cam operating the valves directly- no rockers. Well mine seems to be in the middle. Smooth end rockers (no rollers) that are longer than the 2LT roller rockers. I can't find the original vehicle i.d. because the shop I bought the engine from has disappeared. And all the Japan diesel parts suppliers I have asked are stumped. Seems like Toyota redesigned the 2LTE head for a short time, with new rockers, then switched to a direct cam with no rockers.

    HELP please!
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    I am going to move this to the diesel tech page. This is the diesel for sale section.

    Cheers and g-luck
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