2l-te won't start

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Jul 24, 2016
I cant get my Lj78 2Lte to start. I have changed the Crank sensor and checked the fault codes on the ECU which come up as normal. The engine is getting fuel and the glow plugs are working.
If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.
Thanks in advance
If it's getting fuel and it's got compression, the glows are working, it should start.

What makes you think it's getting fuel? Do you mean fuel to the pump, or fuel to the injectors? How long have you had the truck, and is this a sudden new problem, or has it been progressive? Does the engine turn over? Does smoke come out the tail pipe while you are trying to start? Need more info to help you.
If I crack the injectors I get fuel coming out. The engine turns over. If I put 12v to the spill valve it runs ( very fast ) so it is related somehow to the signal to the spill valve I think. I changed the crank sensor, because I had read that it could be the problem.
I have had the truck 12 months and done about 10,000 miles in it.
Definitely sounds related to the EFI system. Maybe pull your ECU out (behind glove compartment), open it up, and make sure none of the capacitors are leaking. If so, get it repaired and try again. Also try reading on the surf au website, as there is a lot of history and experience there. Those guys know these motors really well. Could also be your Spill Control Valve is worn out. Do you have a spare pump you could swap the SPV with?

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Yes, I think the ecu is the next thing to look at. It may be showing normal as the battery went dead. I assume it would lose any fault codes in that scenario. I will let you kow how I get on. Thanks for the help.

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