2H Question not answered in FAQ

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Apr 19, 2007
Price : $ 10899
Milage : 242145
Stock# : 1607
Status : Pre-Owned
Transmission : Standard
Cylinder : 6
Fuel : Diesel
Drive : 4x4
Doors : 4
Interior Color : Beige
Exterior Color : Brown
Options : Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, AM/FM Stereo, Anti-Lock Brakes, Bucket Seats, Cassette, Fog Lights, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Rear Defroster, Roof Rack, Tilt Steering

So after looking in the FAQ it would seem that this would have to be a 2H engine since this is a Canadian market vehicle....right?

My questions are...

Being in Canada (Vancouver), how easy is it to get parts? I would think that since it is a Canadian Market vehicle that Toyota Canada would be able to help me out? I would think other retail and shops would be able to help too? What about engine work that I might not have time or ability to do? Would you say there are lots of shops who know these engines?

Any problems or negative thoughts on this engine....as well as price and availabity for turbo'ing it.

Are these engines built for turbo's? Am I going to prematurely wear seals, bearing and the such? I hear about the BEB (not sure exactly where those bearings are) failing...is that a concern?

Mainly a daily driver around the city and the island with the odd trip to Mexico....no crazy off roading.....yet

Also in the sticky for the 60 series on gas millage it seems everyone has a F engine and very few diesels....a few responses put the MPG around 20-25 for the 2H....is that a safe bet....fuel millage is an extra biggy for me as I drive alot for work

And one last...The guy said this vehicle has locking hubs, and you push a button inside.....is that part time or full time 4X4?? I've heard none of the 60's were full time

looks great from the outside!

if it is a stock 6cyl diesel toyota motor in a 60 series, it is a 2H or 12HT (the 12HT is factory-turbo).

it is part-time 4wd. The hubs are locked manually, but you can shift into 4wd (w/ locked hubs) via the button on the dash. That should mean it is an auto tranny... based on the 62 trim packages.... but I guess that there could be hj60s w/ the push-button tcase but a manual tranny.
Regardless, you can drive around with the hubs locked and switch in and out of 4wd very easily. If you know you aren't going to use 4wd for a while, unlock the hubs. It takes about 10 seconds to unlock or lock both hubs. Running around locked will do just a little tiny bit more wear and tear on the front end and will slightly reduce mileage.

Double check on the anti-lock brakes. It would be a big surprise if it has them as they weren't offered by Toyota until the mid-90s.

Be careful about rust around that factory rack (and everywhere else).

I usually get over 20mpg w/ my 2H. I buy in liters and drive in Km, so I don't really keep track very often, but when I do check, it tends towards the 20s. I do a LOT of driving in 4wd on dirt roads at low speed, so my mileage isn't going to be the same as someone who spends a lot of time on the highway.

good luck!
yes Im in vancouver too there is lots of help and parts in this area. a machine like that is very easy to take care of
Thats my color!
If it is early 1980's up to mid 85 it could be a 4 cylinder 3B motor. "I am no expert, just read all I can and it fades togeather" I think the 85-87 are 2H and possible 88-89 may be 12HT? The button for the transfercase is to activate the vacuum shifter, manual or auto were fitted vacuum. Lots of posts on fitting turbo's, debates between motors. Gasser versis diesel! You can pull the trigger now. You can continue to read endless advice, suggestions, do and dont's. In the end I would go DIESEL!!

Good luck, Jim
You have to be very carefull with any of these trucks. Sometimes looks can be very deceiving. Before you "pull the trigger" take it to some one that can check the rear portion of the frame for rust. You can also pop the rear panel off in the cargo area and look at the union between the outer and inner fenders. There could be rust hiding in there.

I'm not a cornflake pee'er, I am just speaking from experience. In July of '05 I purchased a '87 HJ60 just like the one you are looking at. I had my cruiser goggles on and bought the 60 without having it looked at...it was real pretty. Before winter there was rust everywhere. I will say though that it has been and still is very reliable and I still get 25+mpg. It sits in my driveway as I type...rusting. The truck has been good learning experience with diesel engines, I love the truck but I wish that I had considered my options a little better. I had always want a 60 I just wish that it wasn't this one.


BEB's are not an issue with the 2H engine. the 80 series turbo diesels (HD1 engine?) have problems with these.

X2 on the rust check on the rear frame - use a hammer to give it some good taps and stick your fingers into the frame holes to feel for rust flakes inside. Make sure nothing's cracked on the frame around the rear wheel spring mounts.
I drive past that truck daily and it really looks good but I haven't stopped to look close. It has been sitting on the lot for several months if that means anything.

Manual hubs and vacuume activated transfer case (manually shift to low range)

Frame needs to be looked at for sure and all the H55's I have owned had a worn 5th gear that made it pop out occasionally.

Transfer to tranny seals are also known to allow the gear oil in the transfer to "pump" into the tranny. This leaves the transfer gear and shaft scored requiring replacement.

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