2H Exhaust

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Mar 5, 2007
Formerly CO. Now Seattle
I am replacing all of the gaskets/seals/o-rings in my exhaust system and just have 2 questions:

1: the o-rings that are to be installed in the two part exhaust manifold get placed under the snap rings in the grooves, correct? (I have new snap rings and o-rings).
When I popped it apart, there were no o-rings to be found, so my guess is that they were under those snap rings at one time.
Can somebody clue me in on that, please?

2. When I reassemble the two halves, should I use some kind of lube or anti seize to pop them back together smoothly? I read something about some copper anti seize, I think.
What have you guys used?

All of my studs and nuts appear to be in good condition. I figure I’ll just make sure they’re seated well in the block and start putting it all back together.
Any thoughts on reassembly?

Thank you guys in advance.

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