2fe won't start...

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May 6, 2011
Davis County, UT
hey all! Been out of the game for a little bit. After a couple of years I'm back home and in the garage finishing up my 2fe and was looking for some wisdom.
What I know:
The CEL comes on with the ignition and the ECU is throwing relays like it should. I'm pretty sure the wiring is correct.
The fuel pump works because the first time I turned the key it sprayed fuel at the cold start injector pipe (see pic). I fixed the leak: there was a ground wire that was put between the rail and the pipe and I think it's supposed to ground somewhere else? you can see it in the pic. So I took it out and no leak.

My question(s):
What is the green connector in my picture for, and will it keep the truck from starting?
Does that wire ground to the fuel rail or to the manifold where those empty threads are?
Thanks for the help. Love mud!

Also, just checked and it's throwing a code 11. Gonna check that out right now...
If I remember, not being near my truck right now, the green plug on mine isn't connected either and is not needed for starting. However, that ground looks like it may be your fuel injector ground, which would explain why it isn't starting. Don't remember where it grounds, but anywhere it can reach should work.
very cool, thank you! I can't imagine that it would ground at the banjo pipe(?) because it doesn't seem to have a surface that would seal up too well. I'm gonna just hold it to the rail and see if I get a start
On my 89 it is a grey connecter, not connected to anything. The ground attaches to the threaded hole immediately behind it in the pics.
Mud is awesome! got it grounded properly, gave it a little starter fluid and the thing ran for the first time in almost 2 and a half years! I'll post a video in a little bit

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