For Sale 2Fe for sale

Nov 15, 2010
Los Angeles
I have a 2Fe for sale.

Block is from a 1986 2f and head is from a 1989 3Fe and both are in good shape.

All the accessories/manifolds etc. are included except the air cleaner assembly. The water pump and thermostat should probably be replaced.

The engine is complete, but I would recommend it being split apart and rebuilt (with an RV camshaft) because power is abnormally low and fuel consumption abnormally high. I'm 90% sure this is because the camshaft wasn't adjusted correctly and valve timing is off.

I 'downgraded' to a stock 3Fe in my 1989 FJ62 because it became too troublesome to pass smog emission inspections in California.

I'm hoping to get around $1500 for everything (not including shipping costs) but am flexible on price - especially considering that the engine will need some work to find optimal performance.

Will update this thread with pictures when the engine is successfully liberated from my truck.

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