1. Z

    FJ80 - Broken crank

    Just wanted to quickly post the results of post-mortem on my 3F-E: The missus drove my car while I was away interstate, made it 2 blocks away from home, car stalled, wouldn't start again. Dragged it home, wrenched for 5 days to no avail. Discovered cranking would turn the accessory pulley but...
  2. M

    1991 FJ80 3FE TPS Readings, Troubleshooting

    Got a 41 code the other day on my '91 along with rough running/loss of power followed by sudden return of power. Pulled TB to clean (fair amount of carbon build up), and TPS to test. Set up TPS according to manual (was about a hair off at 0.93mm between IDL-E2 - set, tightened screws, and...
  3. I

    3F-E Help

    This weekend I replaced the temperature sending unit in my 1992 FJ80 and to make it easier I removed the belt that runs the smog pump and power steering. After putting everything back together and tightening the belt down I went to start it and it created an extremely loud hissing noise that...
  4. Hurleyburly

    Intermittent Start Issue... stumped

    Hi all! Searched and searched but couldn't find this same issue exactly, ran through emergency checklist procedures twice, throwing up the white flag before I have to take it to a shop and pay someone to figure it out, but it's my DD, and I can't keep going without a truck at really inopportune...
  5. ItsUncleCruiser

    Toyota FJ62 3F-E Engine Repair Manual Supplement

    Here is a PDF link for FJ62’s 3F-E engine repair manual. http://www.trollholescruisers.com/Tech/Manuals/Engine/3FE%20REPAIR%20MANUAL.pdf
  6. LazyEye

    Odd blower - what is it?

    Hey Guys, I'm new here. running a 92 fj80, 231,000 miles, 3F-E of course. Just bought it 4 days ago. paid 3000, figure I got a pretty good deal, birfs don't make any noise and the steering knuckles seem pretty clean except for a thin layer of grease. anyway, my point is in poking around under...
  7. pengfinn

    Builds  The Leviathan: My slow build of my slow truck

    Morning, mud! I figured it was time to start one of these, but it'll definitely be a slow-go as there's a lot going on for me right now. I found my '91 FJ80 roughly a year and a half ago. Long story short, my boss got the short end of the stick in a deal with a used car salesman and ended up...
  8. Zoverlander

    For Sale  2Fe for sale

    I have a 2Fe for sale. Block is from a 1986 2f and head is from a 1989 3Fe and both are in good shape. All the accessories/manifolds etc. are included except the air cleaner assembly. The water pump and thermostat should probably be replaced. The engine is complete, but I would recommend it...
  9. TheLoyale

    '92 80-Series: Magnetic Shift Lock clicks with Turn Signals?

    So recently I have noticed. While the truck is in park, If you turn on the 4-ways or the Turn signals; the magnetic gear shift lock clicks along with the with them. I've look at some of the wiring for the lock, but everything looks normal, unmolested and such. Any ideas why the turn signals...
  10. Trollhole

    Ultimate OEM 60 series parts still in stock

    Can't believe no one has done this yet. If you have a part# you know is still available through Toyota for a 60 series and you know the price and year it came from post it up. Better yet post a picture of the part and the packaging. I cannot tell you how many times I've paid more for a used...
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