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  1. S

    For Sale Chevys

    Mods please delete post.
  2. FJ60Cam

    Holley Sniper & Howell Fuel Injection Kits - MUD Discount

    Now offering a 'mud discount for the Howell Fuel F/2F Injection Kits. Use the code MUD50 at checkout for $50 off. Shipping is on us. Whether your carb needs a rebuild or you just want effortless cold starts and a more refined driving experience, fuel injection is one of the best improvements...
  3. J

    GM temp sensor to F block bushing adapter

    Hello all, I have a 2 barrel FiTech EFI system to install; it uses a GM type temperature sensor. I am desmogged and would like to use one of the two temperature sensor ports in the block. I have an OEM temp sensor bushing that I’m considering retapping the threads to fit the GM sensor but am...
  4. R

    SOLD AFI tbi adapter

    Looking for the AFI adapter to bolt a tbi to the stock intake.
  5. E

    FJ40 Restoration, Convert to EFI?

    We are starting to restore our 1971 FJ40. My grandfather bought it new. It still has the original engine. The carburetor had previously been replaced. I want to keep it as original as possible, but I'm considering upgrading to a fuel injection system (possibly a Howell or Weber). Either fuel...
  6. J

    What am I doing wrong? She won’t start!

    I have a 1984 BJ60 w/3B & after market turbo. 2 weeks ago she ran well once started she would crank a little slow and eventually start. I replaced the starter motor got a compression check, 425 psi across all 4, and she started well there after problem solved right.....? last night after no...
  7. P

    Fuel injection

    my engine guy is pushing for a Holley EFI system, anybody have any feedback
  8. dnp

    Parting Out Complete 3FE induction system

    I was going to try to restore a 136,000 mile '88 FJ62 I acquired, but the interior is much less complete than I had hoped, and somewhere along the line, someone removed the spark plugs for an extended period of time, causing the bottom of the engine to require cylinder work (why someone would do...
  9. tat2matt

    For Sale TBI from affordable fuel injection

    I pulled the TBI from my 85 FJ60. It worked great till it didn't. I ordered a Carb from Jim C and in the time he was working on it I was able to send the ECM to have rebuilt. As all things would be I received the Carb from Jim a Carb from Troll and the ECM all back at the same time. I now run a...
  10. M

    For Sale Howell Fuel Injection Kit GM 350

    Includes 36'' harness, Oxygen sensor with weld on bung, Howell programmed ECM, Fuel pump, Fuel filter, 4 barrel adaptor plate, Misc, other small parts, Service manual, Used TBI from a truck I drove a week ago. Everything is brand new other than the TBI. $700.00 General Motors :: GM TBI...
  11. elliott10

    PFISYS.com fuel injection

    i was just cruising my usual eBay fj40 searches and just saw this. TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 2F 6Cylinder Complete TBI Fuel Injection Conversion | eBay Anyone know anything about the system or company? It seems like a really simple setup. Thanks in advance
  12. gswest

    Air in the diesel fuel injection system causing a leak?

    I just had to replace a seal in one of my twin fuel filters and afterwords I'm seeing fuel leak out one of the injectors. I'm wondering if me not bleeding the first injector is causing the leak. Anyone have this problem before. I know air in the system is bad, but I bled the system at the fuel...
  13. S

    For Sale FJ40 1978 entire rig and extras

    I am looking to sell my project fj40. I have a clean PA title and rig in my name. Included is everything in the pictures. I am really not really sure what to ask looking for offers since I am moving and have no where to take it make offers, If I have to post a price let me know. This is a...
  14. Zoverlander

    For Sale 2Fe for sale

    I have a 2Fe for sale. Block is from a 1986 2f and head is from a 1989 3Fe and both are in good shape. All the accessories/manifolds etc. are included except the air cleaner assembly. The water pump and thermostat should probably be replaced. The engine is complete, but I would recommend it...
  15. W

    FJ 62 Fuel issues

    Ok guys I'm at my wits end here. I have a 1990 fj62 fi 3fe engine. it randomly started burning too much fuel. a lot too much, and raw black fuel is coming out the tail pipe. so its constantly flooding. it will not give a read out on anyones diagnostic machines either. my mechanic is lost. on a...
  16. Dave 2000

    Fuel gauge fault found

    Hi I checked out the faulty gauge mentioned in my https://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/365673-my-lc-80-thread.html and offer the following to help others in the future: WARNING: You are opening a fuel tank, once opened the fumes could be ignited from quite a distance away from the car...
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