For Sale 2F engine, great running, Wash DC Area.

Jan 30, 2020
Charlottesville, VA
I'm pulling this 2F motor from my FJ60 next monday. The engine will be available for local pickup ONLY in Leesburg, VA.
Long block. No accessories. This is a great running engine. I'm putting a rebuilt motor in, but after this past week I'm not even sure why. I just drove this truck about 450 miles towing a motorcycle and trailer (1,000lb total) and she runs like a champ. Burned zero oil, never got above 180 degrees and that was while sitting in traffic. I'll have compression numbers Monday that I'll try and post here.
Now here's my highly embarrassing admission, and why you should really want this motor: after paying the deposit for the new rebuilt engine, I discovered a receipt for the existing engine showing that it was rebuilt in 2013 with 270,000 miles (Truck now has maybe 280K? forgot to look). Prolly why this one runs so well. :rolleyes:
I'd take the best offer over $1,000. Engine is only available for one week, and must be picked up at the machine shop in Leesburg, VA no later than Friday Sept. 23d or it is gone.
PM me if interested, or email me (better):

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