2f motor

  1. David Hollenback

    For Sale  1968 FJ40 Trade for 2F motor or for Sale

    hey giys I just got a 1968 FJ40 1t motor with ~69,00 miles on it. Body is shot but frame appears to be in good condition. HAs some great parts (both axles, new brake cylinders and pads on one tire so I assume it is aon all four as the guy said he had brakes done, brand new radiator, seats are...
  2. C

    Wanted  2F motor - preferably in known running condition

    I need a 2F motor to replace my cracked block. I really only need a block, but it would be better if I could get a motor in known running condition, preferably with compression numbers. Willing to buy a complete motor if that's what's available. Let me know if you have anything that would work...
  3. EaglesNest

    For Sale  2f Straight 6 motor up for sale

    Motor has approx. 188K on it. Runs awesome. I want more power so I'm selling it. I do not have it pulled yet. Motor is fully intact -- all vacuum lines, etc. -- nothing has been "messed with" if you know what I mean. Smog pump took a dive (as usual), so I gutted it and it is acting as an...
  4. EaglesNest

    2F Straight 6 motor up for sale

    Motor has approx. 188K on it. Runs perfectly, although I have not done any compression testing. As is typical for a 4-speed, it runs at 3K rpm at 65 mph. I want more power for the times I have to drive the interstates/highways, so I'm selling the motor. I do not have it out of the truck yet...
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