2F+ 4-speed, 2F + H55 value?

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Dec 17, 2013
I've been searching and can't find values on the following items.
2f (200k+Miles on both)

I have two fj60s ('84 and '87) that I will be pulling the drive trains from and I am trying to figure out a reasonable price for the items. One motor has a rebuilt carb, other has smog stuff.
Kinda depends on your area... normally I have seen good working engines (2F) go for $500 to $1000 depending on mileage and rebuild information. The trannies depend again with the H55 being very coveted. If the H55 is in good then you could probably get upwards of $2k to $2500... H42 (4spd) you are looking at about same as engines depending on mileage and what not.
Nobody? Wrong section? Not looking to make a killing, just some funds for my build. I know the h55 hold some value but the other items I am clueless.
Thanks for your response, that was somewhat what I was thinking but really just wanted some input
I recently sold my H42 4-speed and split transfer case, from my '86 FJ60 with ~121,000 miles, for $500, complete with all shifters and linkages. I bought my H55f new from Cdan several years ago for $1,850 (I understand they've gone up in price since then).
Sold my 145k 4 speed a couple years back for a few hundred $$$$. Tough to gauge price. Does not seem to be a highly sought after item.
Correct section but you give so little info, it's difficult to hazard a guesstimate.

IMHO, 2Fs > 200K miles are really just cores, particularly if can't see them run. You'd be lucky to get $200 each.... H42? I've got a couple in my back yard I can't even give away.

H55f w/ t'case will be worth something, but impossible to guess accurately since little information on condition / mileage. If it was behind one of the 2Fs and has over 200K miles also, It's better sold for parts.

Pix and Location will help you sell the stuff.

I understand this, was mainly looking for a ballpark figure. Good thing is both trucks currently run and drive. I may have paperwork on the h55 but it will take some digging. Honest estimate for miles on the h55 is probably under 20k since its install. I will try to get as much info as possible when the items are actually posted for sale.
It's a long story but the '87 with the h55 was my brothers. The guy he got it from had the h55 installed. I vaguely remember the guy having paperwork on the trans install and costing him $2XXX. I'm going to see if I can find this paperwork and post as much info as possible when I post everything for sale.

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