294,000 mile front bearing.

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Jun 19, 2013
Saraland, AL
Maintenance? Maintenance who?

As far as I know these front bearings were installed in September of 1999. Perhaps the yellow markings suggest the same. I personally don't see any signs of wear and they seem to spin mighty nice.

I decided to enter the hub and repack bearings due to a mechanic said there was play in the wheel perhaps causing the VSC and violent braking that I inquired about in another thread this morning.

When I tried to move the wheel it just barely moved at all. I was expecting more but none given.

Currently I am not able to get the caliper bolts off (because they have never been off) and stopped trying when my extension begain to twist. So, I'm done trying for now.





Put a good penetrating oil like Kroil on the caliper bolt threads and then wait (hours? day?). Try removing the bolts. You might have to put some more Kroil on. That's what I did.

I'd use 1/2" drive on them, not 3/8". Also a 1/2" drive impact is pretty handy. The inner and outer bearings will need to be packed. The hub will need to be cleaned out. You might want to consider replacing the seal. I had to replace the two washers on each side when I repacked my bearings.
Simulate an impact. Use a boxed wrench and hit the other end with a hammer. That will usually do the trick!
I actully was hitting the wrench with a hammer but it was a ratchet wrench. Don't have a 17 mm box end.
I actully was hitting the wrench with a hammer but it was a ratchet wrench. Don't have a 17 mm box end.

Ah, too much flex with a ratchet wrench.
One tick for removing PS caliper bolts, is to place jack under tip of breaker bar. But the best is to pick up a 3/4" breaker bar from Harbor fright, which will make short work of any really difficult bolt. Do use penetrating oil first, break less sockets that way.

Color of old grease looks a bit like water contaminated.

Appears you have some minor scoring & pitting on bearings, not to bad. But bearings need a really good cleaning with solvent, water then compressed air to see clearly. But for $80 a side I just replace. Cruiser Outfitters

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