285 65 R18 – will it fit into the spare tire spot on a 100 series?

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Dec 28, 2006
Need some new shoes for my ’06 100 Series. My current path is looking to go with a 285 65 R18 (upsize from the 275 60 R18’s on there now).

I am thinking that this is a relatively popular size for our 100’s if running 18” wheels.

I have found a lot of info in the 100 section on MUD re: if they will fit in the wheel wells w/o rubbing and the consensus is that they will fit fine.

My question is not related to the 4 on the ground, but it is related to the spare. I have seen some posts stating that the 285 65 R18 will fit in the spare area WITH the receiver hitch installed but I want to try to confirm if the tire does in fact fit and that it fits in its fully aired up state and not deflated.

Anyone here have experience in getting a fully aired up 285 65 R18 stuffed up in the spare tire holder?

TIA, Pete
Yep, I run that size BFG KO2s and carried it under there as normal (with a hitch) prior to my rear bumper/tire carrier. No issues.
That spare size will definitely fit. I run 255/85/16 and it fits fine, with hitch even, no mods needed.

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