2016 - 2020 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER LC200 LED DRL Daytime Running Lights Upgrade (1 Viewer)

Jul 25, 2011
Raleigh, NC
2016 - 2020 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER LC200 LED DRL Daytime Running Lights.

One of the challenges for the US spec Land Cruiser is the DRL. In US version headlight bulb is being utilized as DRL vs, the white strip in the button of the headlight. With this kit you can more proper looking DRLs and as well have turn signals if desired.

Each set includes white and yellow LEDs. It can be installed as white or yellow DRL (Daytime Running Lights) or as white DRL with yellow as turn signals. To install the set you can replace whole trim with LEDs or by just replacing the component with LEDs and drilling a small hole in the black trim for wires (I have done that way on my Land Cruiser for ease and speed of installation).

Each set includes Left and Right LEDs with black trim and with wiring. Please note that the set as other light bars sold doesn't come with a harness which needs to be purchased separately. A good example of harness I have personally used on my Land Cruiser as DRL for the same set is one from Amazon "Liteway One-to-Two Universal LED Light Bar Wiring Harness" which is just $16. First picture is an actual picture of my Land Cruiser which utilizes the same kit and the Liteway wiring kit.

All sets are located in US and will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving the payment. Asking $140. I need to check inventory but may have at least 3 sets left.

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