2014 Tundra 4x4 Expedition Rig Build Write Up

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May 21, 2004
San Diego
Hey Fawkers

Its been a Lonnnnnnnng time!

Well.... I am back to the Toyota world and just about done my Tundra build.

Had it about 2 years and about to hit the 50k mark, and every single one of those miles has been trip related! Fawk yeah!

Here is the build: Tundra Build
Sep 11, 2016
Houston, TX
Great read! It's funny how a lot of people do bring way too much into the equation. I'm carrying my "overlanding" experience from my ADV riding, where if you over pack, it can seriously cost you. KISS system, for sure. Not trying to overcomplicate things. I just want to be able to go far and have the ability to do mild off roading. Not a crawler by any means.

Question though. Do you remove the camper shell when you're bike hauling, or is that for a trailer? I haul my bike occasionally to not have to traverse Texas if I'm going for a ride out west.

We have a '13 LC200 and '16 Tundra (2WD). We are considering trading both in for a 4WD Tundra and picking up a secondary/less expensive daily driver. Having 2x 5.7L's in the household is kind of redundant.

What is your daily?

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