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Jan 31, 2006
Greenwood, MO
The registration for the 2011 Fall Crawl'n with Tornado Alley Cruisers is now available onilne via Google checkout on our webpage. Click here to go directly to the registration page.

This is an open event and all particpants are welcome. For those of you that are TLCA members you can use the discount code "TLCA" during the checkout process for your $5 credit toward the registration fee.

Any issues or questions please feel free to contact me via PM or email at vicepresident@tornadoalleycruisers.org.

See you on the trails!

EDIT: Attached the registration ad that ran in Toyota Trails.
View attachment 2011_SMORR_Flyer-5[1].pdf
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Registration has 15th to 19th. I assume its 18th instead.
Can we get clarity on the dates so we can make reservations with SMORR:

Is it only Sunday the 18th? We would drive down SAT the 17th, camp and then wheel on the 18th?

Is it all weekend?

The registration dates must have been corrected, when I just checked it this morning it said the 15th-18th at the registration page.

I also just added the registration form that ran in Toyota Trails for information.

The event is the 15th through the 18th, but some people go down early/stay later. TornadoAlleyCruiser and I are both headed down on the 14th, but the majority of people will probably go down the 16th I'm guessing.
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Can someone check the TAC page see if it's just my server not allowing it to work correctly? If so I"ll have to do my registration at home.
Ok.. Home it is.. Stuipid Firewall..
Looks like jenn and I will be heading down the morning of the 15th.. Conflict came up on the 14th.
Is the BBQ on Friday or Saturday? The Trails application says Friday.
I have someone who needs to know ASAP on this. Also, is registration still open?

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