SOLD 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser Supercharged 132k Miles Black / Tan (1 Viewer)


Sep 24, 2015
Tampa, Florida.
Happy to say this vehicle have gone to a very special home. She will be enjoyed and used.

There were a couple of items that needed to be handled after vehicle left our hands, but we’re taking care of details together. Not a perfect vehicle, but definitely a special one. Have gotten a lot of messages on it, specially after it sold, and wanted to clarify that IT IS SOLD. It’s with the new owner already, and NO, won’t back down on the agreement with original buyer.

Noticed that a lot of “new members” on the forum that send messages, don’t understand the MUD way of handling business.
We are gentleman, and we honor our words. I’m not backing down a deal because you’re offering more money.

Good luck everybody!

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