2003 LC vapor canister (charcoal) removal

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Aug 11, 2020
South Carolina
All 3 bolts that hold the vapor canister(above spare tire) in place are frozen from rust. Already using PB although given gravity not sure how much that will help.
Since this is an emissions canister that deals with potential gas fumes any concern to heating these bolts with a torch?
or just take a impact wrench to them and hope it doesn't twist the head off?
Keep soaking and maybe try a longer bar before you deal with any potential for sparks around that area. Maybe even try to tighten a hair and then back off, and then repeat process.
My gut tells me direct heat/flame in that area is probably not a good idea ....
Long bar, then impact, no flame. In that order. Lol
Tighten then losen has worked for nearly every rusty seized bolt for me

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